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Order TrackingUpdated a year ago

Can't wait for those new Veteran Project items to arrive?  

Track your order using the steps below!

Tracking Confirmation Email

Once your order is processed, you will receive an email with all of the necessary tracking information. Simply click the link provided, or enter your tracking number into the appropriate carriers' database. For our standard shipping method (3-5 days), UPS will generally hand off the package to USPS within the first 24-48 hours. Then USPS will take over and deliver the package to the correct address. For Priority shipping (2-3 days), USPS will carry the package from start to finish. Here are links to both sites:

UPS Tracking

USPS Tracking

Tracking Status - Delays

If your tracking information hasn’t been updated for a few days, no worries -- ship happens!  Occasionally there will be delays within the carrier's database, so you might not see an update on your tracking status for a few days. If your package hasn’t moved in 7 business days, simply contact us and we will help locate your package or issue a replacement if necessary.

Missing Package - Delivered

Still waiting for your package, but the tracking information has been updated to delivered?  Don't freak out!  Sometimes USPS will mark packages as "Delivered" and drop them off a few days later.  Just be patient, and it should be on your doorstep in a day or two.  If you still haven't received your package, check with any neighbors to see if it was left at their house by mistake.  If you've tried everything and are ready to give up, just give us a shout and we will help you out.  You can use the Contact Us page, or just send an email with your order number to [email protected].

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